Using natural kelp as a cleaner fish habitat in salmon farming.

Salmon Kelpring

The KelpRing is an innovative new product for use in the salmon farming industry.

It provides a natural kelp forest environment for wrasse and lumpfish within the lice zone of the salmon pens whilst still allowing all standard fish farming operations to be undertaken.

Designed with fish welfare in mind, the KelpRing will also deliver benefits to the salmon industry in terms of the environment, productivity and public perception.

KelpRing, the next generation of cleaner fish habitats.

Showing how wrasse and salmon interact with the KelpRing when installed in the farm pens.

KelpRing on trial with Loch Duart

5 minute observational video showing the environmental enrichment provided by the KelpRing.

Shows wrasse hunting sea lice, wrasse/salmon interaction, natural habitat interactions from the wrasse and them using the KelpRing as a base for their foraging trips.

The cleaner fish were a mix of nursery bred and wild caught Ballan wrasse and all were displaying good welfare indicators. The habitats were carefully positioned to allow the wrasse to be close to the salmon swim path.

Fake Kelp V Natural Kelp.

1.50 minute video showing the preference of the cleaner fish between the present industry standard of fake plastic kelp and the natural living kelp forest of the KelpRing.